Community Groups



  • Q: What exactly is a Community Group?
    • A: It is a group of people from Catalyst Church that gather one evening a week for about seven weeks to grow and live out their faith.
  • Q: What do people do in a Community Group?
    • A: They learn from the Bible and apply it to real life, pray for each other’s needs, make new friends and make an impact in the community.
  • Q: I have kids, may I bring them?
    • A: Yes. Community Groups have childcare.
  • Q: Where are Community Groups located?
    • A: They are located in homes all across the Valley. Visit for the Community Group nearest you.
  • Q: How can I become a Community Group host home?
    • A: We are a growing church, so there is an ongoing opportunity for new host homes. Talk to your Community Group leader about how you can become a host.
  • Q: I’m a new Christian or I’m new to Catalyst Church-is this for me?
    • A: Absolutely. Our goal is for everyone at Catalyst Church to be in a Community Group. It is the best place for you to grow and get connected.
  • Q: But I’m not a talkative kind of person...
    • A: Don’t worry. All personalities are welcome. We don’t want anyone to do life alone. You are free to come and simply listen. You can jump into the discussion when you’re ready.



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