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Inspire students to BE COMMITTED TO CHRIST 


they want to see in the world. 

As a ministry designed to impact students in Jr. High and High School we understand there is no way to accomplish that without partnering with parents. Parents are the true heros and are responisible for the adults these youngsters grow up to be. Our hope is that as a parent you allow us to echo what you are already teaching day in and day out. 


1) Who is actually instructing my student while they are in service?

A) Short Answer: Pastors and Team Members.

Long Answer: All of our Team Members are adults who want nothing more then to see your students grow up to be adults that follow Christ Jesus. Every Team Member undergoes a background check then spend a month shadowing Veteran Team Members to get an understanding of what it takes to work with students.

From there they decide if this is something they would like to commit to for a year. 

2) What will my students be learning? 

A) Short Answer: The Bible. 

Long Answer: As a ministry we have decided to emphasize 7 Checkpoints all year long to make sure everyone is receiving the truths they need to success. Some examples of checkpoints are Authentic Faith, Wise Choices, Healthy Relationships and Spiritual Disciplines. Every time we teach we cover a checkpoint in a different way. When a student has gone through the ministry they will have learned and practiced all the checkpoints in multiple ways. 

3) What does a service look like? 

A) Short Answer: It looks like a blast.

Long Answer: The way a service looks will vary from week to week, but you can be sure that in a weeks time they will open up the Bible, hear a message about applying the Bible, spend time learning about prayer, build strong friendships with their peers. 

4) Who can go to Catalyst Students? 

A) We have service times for both Jr. High (6th - 8th grade) and High School (9th Grade - 12th grade)

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