PRAYER: We are a ministry that believes in the power of prayer. A ministry that prays is a ministry that brings change to a community.

PASSION: We are a ministry that’s passionate about what Christ has done for us. A ministry that is passionate about Christ becomes a ministry that’s contagious to the world. 

LOVE: We are a ministry that loves everyone because God first loved us. A ministry that loves everyone is a ministry that welcomes the broken.

PREACH: We are a ministry that preaches from The Word of God about the Good News that Jesus Christ has died for all sinners and resurrected from the dead in three days. 

High School

Sunday 2:00-4:00p 

Student Auditorium

Prayer Gathering

Wednesday 7p

Student Auditorium

Jr. High 

Sunday 12:30-1:30p

Student Auditorium