Do you love your neighbor? Do you even know your neighbor? Who exactly is my neighbor? In the Bible, Jesus tells us that we should Love our neighbors, that we should look out for those around us that are less fortunate. How do we accomplish this in our daily lives? How do we honor God by putting this commandment into practice. In this new series, MY BROTHERS KEEPER, we will take a look at some practical examples of how we can share the love of Jesus and be the hands and feet of Christ.



Following Jesus can certainly seem intimidating. Where do you even start? Come walk with us at Catalyst Church and discover the Greatest Commandment and the simplicity of following Jesus.


We live in a crazy world today. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that this is reality. With all the deception and misinformation going around getting to the truth can be a difficult task. This is even the case where the Christian faith is concerned. Do we know where we stand with God? Do we understand what God wants from our lives? In this series Schizophrenic Christianity, we will uncover some fundamental truths about the Christian faith that may surprise you. Once we get a good understanding of who God is and who he says we are, our lives will never be the same.


We live in a fast-paced world with faced paced people and fast paced results. It’s important to stop and ask yourself if you’re doing anything that’s worth it-worth sacrificing for, worth waiting for, worth living for, even worth dying for.

This new teaching series is all about choices that are worth it: the choice to answer God’s call, the choice to trust Him, the choice to live a courageous life and the choice to be committed to the mission God has given us.