Letter From Pastor Samson 

Ten years ago, Catalyst Church was launched on a 4-acre property in Maryvale that needed a lot of work! Every building needed to be repaired and painted. A baptistry and a campus just for the kids was needed. We linked arms and dreamed, planned, prayed, gave and served. It was hard work, but it was worth it. Ten years later nearly 2,000 people are impacted by our weekly services across two campuses and hundreds more people would call Catalyst Church their church home. More importantly, we have had the honor of seeing thousands of people make decisions for Christ at Catalyst Church and over 1,000 baptisms. 

There have been so many defining moments in the history of Catalyst Church—launching new services, local and global outreaches, launching a second campus and most importantly, helping thousands of people encounter Jesus Christ and the transformation that only He brings. As you think back on your time here at Catalyst Church, you can probably identify a few of your own personal defining moments.

I believe that God is now bringing to us a season of opportunity where He is challenging us to take another step of faith. For the next two years we are entering a season that we are calling, “Because It’s Worth It.” We believe it will be worth it for our family, our community, and our world. This is a God-sized vision that will take the impact of Catalyst Church to a whole new level for the next decade and beyond.

God is doing big things at Catalyst Church and they are made possible by the multitude of little things that go on behind the scenes as we carry out the work Jesus has prepared for us. We need one another to make this happen. This is what it means to be a family, to depend on one another, to support one another, to join together in this common cause of building the glorious kingdom of Jesus Christ. 

My challenge for you is simple, consider whether it’s worth it for you to join us in seeing this next season be even more successful than years past. What we need in order to make this happen is your commitment. A steadfast commitment to what Christ is calling us to do in the West Valley and beyond. As we expand our reach, one of our biggest needs is knowing who we can count on to make this dream a reality. During this series we will be asking for a financial commitment, this will be simple for many of you as your commitment is what has accomplished the victories of the past. Here is what we are asking every person in Catalyst Church to do:

1. Make a commitment to give a set amount for the next two years. 

2. Consider helping build/improve our children’s facilities and create space for special needs ministry. 

Easy, right?!

This may seem small but it is of vital importance that we know who we can count on to help us reach the next level. Not only that, but imagine how much more effective we become when we are all on board. We don’t want anyone to miss out on taking part in the great things the will happen as a result of our generosity.  It will take generous hearts, but this is not simply about raising money, it’s about growth. I want to be challenged and I know you do as well. So let’s do this, Because It’s Worth It.

Pastor Samson