Catalyst Overtime

Launches week of Feb 3


What's Catalyst Overtime?

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Want to be a Catalyst for Connection? 

Overtime Host Application


"My favorite part of being a Host is seeing people gain trust in God

and each other through sharing life experiences."

-Catalyst Overtime Host



  • Q: What exactly is Catalyst Overtime?
    • A: It's a gathering of people that meet up during the week in homes throughout the Valley to connect. .
  • Q: What do people do in a Catalyst Overtime?
    • A: They make new friends and continue the Sunday gathering experience through discussions of faith and everyday life.
  • Q: I have kids, may I bring them?
    • A: Many of the Catalyst Overtimes provide childcare. Be sure to join a Catalyst Overtime that works for you. 
  • Q: Where are Catalyst Overtimes located?
    • A: They are located in homes all across the Valley. Visit the Catalyst AZ APP or CatalystAZ.com during sign up times to find the Catalyst Overtime nearest you.
  • Q: How can I become a Catalyst Overtime host?
    • A: We are a growing church, so there is an ongoing opportunity for new hosts. It's simple to be a host, check out the [application here].
  • Q: I’m a new Christian or I’m new to Catalyst Church-is this for me?
    • A: Absolutely. Our goal is for everyone at Catalyst Church to connect and Sunday is not enough for that. Whether you're new or not, Catalyst Overtime is the best place for you to get connected.
  • Q: But I’m not a talkative kind of person...
    • A: Don’t worry. All personalities are welcome. We don’t want anyone to do life alone.